Considering adding life to your home or office?

A subscription is a time based that selected by you, which you will be recieving your fresh flower arrangements or plants.
It's simply a regular delivery to your doorstep.

We offer flower subscriptions for individuals and businesses. 

Flowers & plants do have a high impact on decreasing stress & elevating your mood.
In the other hand, can you picture how elegant your home or office would look like with flower arrangements? 

Step 1 : After you submit your form below, we will be contacting you to request a picture / video that shows all the tables in the spot you want to style. 

Step 2 : We'll be emailing you a tiny little survey, just for us to know how we can make you smile when recieving your flower arrangements. 

Step 3 : Conducting your subcription payment. 

Step 4 : You'll keep on getting flower arrangements, depending on the duration of subcription you will choose. 

Each subscription has one address of delivery at the time / date set by you. 

Every time we visit you, we will be cleaning the plants you have, water them, and give them the special care plants need that is provided by our team of specialists. 

In case of flower arrangements, we will be taking the prior vases and replace them with another one.